Different Ways to Develop a Website

There are a lot of various ways in terms of developing a website. In this article, we will discuss different methods of building your own website. All of these methods have their fair share of pros and cons. However, since you cannot have it all, you should at least stick to the Developers Triangle Law—Quality, Cost, and Time— which means that you can only get 2 of the 3 areas of website developing. Check out the methods that might suit you below: 

Free website developers 

Free website developers are possibly the easiest approach to use. They provide websites and services that are easy to use at a cheaper cost. However, it compromises both the functionality and quality of your proposed website. This means that you’re extremely limited to the kind of content you could publish on your site and you’re also restricted to the things you might really want to do. This approach would be best for websites with at least 1-3 pages. 

Template website 

You are basically cutting a major share of your cost by utilizing a template website for your website’s design. Hence, you can get quite great quality, and the time and cost are actually not that demanding. However, with template sites, you won’t basically know how to tailor your website according to your needs. You’ll need to hire a programmer to do it for you or learn how to program it yourself. WordPress is one of the best CMS (content management system) to utilize since it enables you to edit your website’s contents through the backend management area. 

WordPress sites 

A lot of websites you can find on the Internet are usually developed by utilizing WordPress as the CMS. In the industry of developing a website in WordPress, there are a lot of different options that have their personal parts of developers triangle (Quality, Cost, Time.) By far, WordPress is definitely the best mid-ranged method to use.  

DIY web design 

If you lack the financial needs but have the time and you want to develop something for yourself, you could actually be into making your web design yourself. Doing so could also help you learn a lot of beneficial skillsets along the way. 

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