Common Mistakes Homeowners Make While Preparing Trees for Upcoming Winter

Have you ever experienced piling on your tree a bit too heavy or watering your tree too much? If yes, you are not alone. These are only two of the most usual mistakes that later on helps us learn how to take care of our plants properly. However, it would be best to prevent these mistakes as much as you can for your trees to maintain their health condition for a long time. Because of this, we have listed below the common tree care mistakes to prepare for the winter season that must be prevented: 

Wrapping your shrubs and trees incorrectly 

Just like humans, some shrubs and trees require to bundle up during the cold season. However, for you to bundle them properly, you have to determine what kind of plant you own and what material should you use to wrap it that would suffice its requirements. You should do some research about the best means of wrapping a particular tree to protect them from winter. 

Failing to prune trees 

The dormant season during winter is the time when trees slowly grow. This is also the best time to prune them. Neglecting to trim your trees during winter season could make your trees have unhealthy or broken branches that prevent new growth from emerging. Using cutting-edge equipment makes NJ roof installation more efficient. Moreover, pruning on hot weather could spread tree diseases. Pruning during the dormant season is great for you, your trees, and your arborist. 

Failing to apply insect-repellant oils 

It is important to make time for ways to prevent insects from feasting your trees. Otherwise, it could do harm to your trees since they can be filled with unwanted insects and pests all throughout the season. 

Overwintering insects 

Just like how trees get dormant to endure the cold season, insects also undergo the hibernation process. They tend to tuck themselves away to prevent winter predators and cold weather. These hibernating insects could go into your trees’ crevices and cracks unexpectedly. Then during springtime, you will observe where they do harm to your trees.  

Not spraying dormant oil for your trees 

A dormant oil spray helps to remove trees that have overwintering insects. It helps coating insects and vitally smothers them, which results in a great measure to stop further infestation. You need to know how to apply dormant oil effectively before the coming of the winter season.  

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